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Federal employees with issues about the merit system, discrimination, retaliation, security clearances, investigations – or any other matter at work – are up against a formidable employer. I am Arthur A. Elkins Jr., an attorney with more than three decades of firsthand experience as a federal and state employee. I know the ins and outs of the federal workplace experience through the lens of an employee, agency general counsel, and as an inspector general. I offer my clients an uncommon advantage for resolving their employment-related disputes.

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An Uncommon Advantage For Clients

Employees of the federal government are protected by the same employment laws that safeguard employees of local and state governments and private employers. Discrimination, harassment, sexual harassment and retaliation are unlawful. But employees of federal executive agencies can easily be intimidated by their powerful employer. Some employees do not take action because they do not want to risk loss of either their position or their hard-earned benefits. Are you in this situation?

If you are a federal employee with employment concerns, contact my law firm for clarity and legal assistance. I have been in your shoes as a federal employee, and I can help you navigate the system.

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Filing A Formal Complaint

Filing complaints on your own without a legal advocate on your side can be daunting. There are strict deadlines and requirements that can seem overwhelming. Where do you start? Speaking with an experienced federal employment law attorney is a good start. I am Arthur A. Elkins Jr., and I can give you guidance for proceeding in the right direction through the web of agencies. I draw from more than 30 years of experience to help my clients get through the challenges of fully protecting their rights in the workplace.

One Of The Best IGs

“Art was one of the best IGs I worked with in three decades in the IG community. Impeccable judgment, objectivity and ethical standards. A real pro.”

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