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Meet Arthur A. Elkins Jr.

Working for the federal government can be meaningful, interesting and challenging. However, if you’ve been named in a workplace investigation or are facing another type of employment issue, trying to navigate the system can be confusing. My boutique law firm, DC Federal Employment Lawyer PLLC, is focused on helping clients navigate the complex federal workplace administrative process in search of justice, equity and inclusion. I’m attorney Arthur A. Elkins Jr., and I help federal employees assert their legal rights when confronted with workplace harassment, discrimination, retaliation and other employment-related conflicts.

Before I opened my own practice, I worked as an attorney inside the federal system for more than 20 years, in addition to state-level positions as a prosecutor, public defender and an inspector general. I know the ins and outs of the public servant’s workplace experience through the lens of an employee, an agency general counsel, and an inspector general. The combination of these experiences is both unique and potent.

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Arthur A. Elkins Jr.

I Am Here To Listen And To Help

Federal employees who try a “do it yourself” approach when faced with a legal matter at work often lose valuable time and make mistakes when trying to move through the appropriate administrative process. Also, although unions provide many concrete benefits to their members, there is no substitute for representation and counsel delivered by an experienced federal employment attorney.

I am able to guide and counsel clients through these and many other types of legal issues related to employment with the federal government:

  • Federal EEO complaints
  • Issues related to the Merit System Protection Board
  • Challenges with the U.S. Department of Defense’s Industrial Security Clearance Review Program
  • Investigations led by the federal Office of the Inspector General

In addition to my work with federal employee clients, I am also able to utilize my background as a federal and state inspector general to assist private-sector employers in internal corporate employee investigations.

My Philosophy Of Law Practice

I enjoy the work that I do and the clients I serve. I take my work seriously, but I don’t take myself too seriously. My goal is to provide an exceptional customer service experience for every client, every time.

To provide the best service to each client, I offer both hourly and flat-fee billing plans. On every client engagement, my goal is to find the right pricing structure that aligns my incentives with the client’s success.

Contact My Office Today To Discuss Your Situation

I would be happy to assess your particular situation and respond to questions. The cost of the initial consultation is $275. Call my office in Washington, D.C., at 202-204-2213 to schedule your appointment. I can work with federal employees located anywhere in the United States, as well as civilian federal workers stationed abroad.