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How to combat wrongful termination as a federal employee 

On Behalf of | Apr 27, 2023 | Federal employment

Wrongful termination can be a distressing experience for any employee. It can lead to financial instability, emotional stress and professional reputation damage.

If this is your current predicament, several steps can help you address the situation. These include:

Stay calm 

Feeling angry and frustrated is natural after being wrongfully terminated. However, stay calm and do not let your emotions overwhelm you. Instead, take time to process your feelings and channel that energy into a constructive action plan. Remember, as a federal employee, you are entitled to some rights, and there are legal strategies you can apply to ensure you receive benefits — and you don’t want to do anything rash that could compromise your position.

Document everything

Under federal law, you’re not supposed to get fired because of your race, gender, age, national origin or disability. The DC Human Rights Act also prohibits discrimination based on sexual orientation, political affiliation, family responsibilities or credit standing.

If you believe you’ve been fired because of one of these traits, collect all your documentation and get it ready. Put together your employment records, including emails, performance reviews and any communication with your supervisor or HR department. This documentation can serve as evidence in your case and help support your wrongful termination claims.

Consider alternative dispute resolution

If you want to resolve the situation without going through a lengthy legal process, consider other dispute resolution methods such as mediation or arbitration. These methods can be less formal and more flexible than traditional litigation, often resulting in a quicker resolution.

If you’ve been wrongfully terminated, do not let your frustration overwhelm you. You can resolve this issue and leave the ordeal in the past with proper legal channels