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Experience Counts In Corporate Internal Employee Investigations

Corporations work hard to encourage employee engagement and retention, but not all employees play by the rules – whether those are company policies or state or federal employment laws. However necessary internal investigations are in the corporate world, they must be done with the utmost care. Well-intentioned investigators who lack the legal understanding of the rules of evidence may unintentionally contaminate their findings, rendering their discoveries inadmissible in court. Beyond that, your staff may not have the strategic or logistical background to pull together an investigation plan and see that it is carried out properly.

I am employment attorney Arthur A. Elkins Jr., and I leverage my 30 years of legal experience to help companies carry out internal investigations of employees lawfully and effectively. Before launching my own private practice, DC Federal Employment Lawyer PLLC, I served several federal agencies as a general counsel and as an inspector general. I also served the state of Ohio as a public defender and a prosecutor, and a large Maryland public water utility as an inspector general. In addition to my experience conducting employment investigations in private practice, I have also guided federal employees through critical processes such as getting security clearances and making EEOC complaints.

Help At Each Step Of An Investigation

My previous legal positions honed my ability to organize, research and pursue investigations of potentially damaging allegations or actions. These skills have been recognized through certifications as an EEOC Investigator and a fraud examiner.

I am available to help you at each step in an internal investigation, including:

  • Evaluating “triggering events” (such as accusations of sexual harassment by an employee, or the discovery of a data breach) to see if an internal investigation is warranted
  • Reviewing HR documents and other plans and policies your company has in place related to the potential trigger
  • Determining the aims of the investigation
  • Counseling the investigation team on lawful ways to preserve critical data and communication on company systems
  • Conducting or supervising the conducting of employee interviews
  • Advise executives on which parts of the investigation may be covered by attorney-client privilege
  • Assist in the production of a final report, with recommended actions and next steps

Internal investigations can provide accountability for inappropriate workplace behavior and aid corporations in adding workplace policies that can prevent future occurrences of the triggering event.

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