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How Federal Employment Law Applies To Federal Employees

Americans who work for the U.S. federal government are covered by most of the same employment laws that protect those who work for private employers or state, county and local governments. However, pursing a claim or complaint against a federal employer can be challenging. Each step may come with strict timelines for responses and complicated administrative procedures. Relying on your own research cannot replace the insight of an experienced employment law attorney, especially one who has worked for the federal government for many years.

At DC Federal Employment Lawyer PLLC, based in Washington, D.C., I help civilian federal employees with workplace issues. I am attorney Arthur A. Elkins Jr., and my 20 years of federal employment included nine years in a position as inspector general of the Environmental Protection Agency. I also served as general counsel for the Office of Inspector General for other federal agencies. My experiences in the federal government provide me with an unusual set of skills and knowledge that will be a strong asset as you seek justice.

Helping Clients With Complex Federal Employment Matters

I have chosen to focus my practice on a specific subset of federal employment issues, applying my skills where they can make the greatest difference for my clients. I regularly help federal employees – in D.C. as well as anywhere there is a civilian federal agency presence – with the following issues:

  • Making a complaint to the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission
  • Appeals by employees experiencing adverse employment actions by management to the Merit System Protection Board
  • Helping Defense contract employees in challenging a federal government decision terminating their clearance in industrial security clearance reviews
  • Counseling federal employees under investigation by a federal Office of Inspector General department

I am honest with clients and always provide them with a frank evaluation of the strength of their case. I am a certified EEOC investigator and a certified fraud examiner (through the Association of Certified Fraud Examiners), so I know how federal agencies will view your case.

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You’ve worked hard to build a reputation as a federal employee. Don’t let the enormity of the government’s administrative and judicial processes related to employment intimidate you into silence. To set up an initial appointment, call my office at 240-269-3184 or reach out via my online contact form.