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Has your employer failed to make reasonable accommodations?

by | Jan 2, 2023 | Discrimination

If you work in the federal sector and live with a disability, you can ask your employer to make reasonable accommodations. The idea is that they do these to help you do your job more easily.

It is not trying to gain an advantage that others do not get but rather trying to equal the playing field a little. Many people may be worried about asking if you need extra help because they do not want to offend you by suggesting you are not capable. Or, at least, that’s how they may see it. Hence, the best option is to tell your employer what accommodations you would like them to provide.

Do not expect them to be experts on your particular disability, either. Think of it as a two-way conversation. You explain what you need, and they explain what they feel they can offer.

What are the limits to accommodations?

The law states employers must make reasonable accommodations provided they do not cause them undue hardship. So the cost and practicality of anything will be a factor.

When can I request these accommodations?

You can clearly request them for your current role. Yet, you can also request them when applying for a role. A federal employer cannot just reject your application because they cannot be bothered to have to make the accommodations. 

What if my federal employer refuses to cooperate?

In this case, you should consider legal help to examine the situation. If your employer’s refusal appears to be without valid grounds, the law might consider it disability discrimination. In this case, there are several legal options available that you should find out more about.